Powder Coating
We can mix custom colors or match existing parts, provide a smooth or wrinkle finish... any color, any texture.

We use quality products and materials from the following manufactures:
• Sherwin-Williams
• Dupont
• Tiger
• Tnemc
• Carboline
• International

Sand Blasting
Depending on your needs, size of the project, and material hardness, several levels of media abrasion are available. Anything from glass, aluminum oxide, sand, to coal slag.

We have a pressurized high volume blast cabinet that measures 48"x48" for smaller parts.

Our large blast room measures:
24' wide x 54' long x 14' high

Our wet spray booth measures:
16' wide x 64' long x 8' high

Our new additions - two wet spray booths measuring:
28' wide x 16' long x 9' high

And our infrared curing oven measures:
3' wide x 14' long x 5' high

Industrial Marine Coating
For heavy long life industrial projects, we offer a variety of wet spray options:
• Epoxy
• Acrylics / Polyurethane
• Enamel
• Organic and Inorganic Zinc